Our practice management services are designed to educate advisors with hands-on methods to improve business efficiencies, professional development, team building and identify new tactical ways to communicate more effectively with prospects and clients.

We also have designed turnkey communication programs targeting niche markets such as women in transition, COI’s and multi-generation families to guide advisors with an organized, easy to follow yet effective process to build relationships and improve client retention.

practice management servicesMarketing to Women

Financial Empowerment for Women™ is a turnkey program designed to educate busy, active financial decision making women at different life stages using easy to follow, step by step marketing strategies. This compliant friendly program provides a roadmap for which women to target, what are relevant topics and how to engage women as a trusted advisor. (More Information)

Meaningful Ways to Connect Women Needing a Trusted Advisor

We use traditional financial themes and guide you through a series of easy to follow steps in reaching potential clients and cross promoting with existing clients.

Areas of Focus

  • Women in transition (divorce, widows, suddenly single)
  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Family matriarch: Preparing Women in the Next Generation

Topics Covered

Retirement Planning: Will I have enough money to retire?

Financial Planning: How Can I Manage My Monthly Cash Flow so I can meet all my business and personal financial commitments?

Estate Planning: How Can I ensure my family is provided for if something happens to me?

Succession Planning: I want to sell my business in five years. What will it be worth? What should I be doing to prepare for the sale of my business?

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COI Referral Program

Why do COI’s choose their referral partners? Learning what matters to professionals is important but using strategies specifically to benefit each person seeking referrals is key.

practice management services


By using a step by step COI Referral Program, you will benefit by understanding who to align your practice with and begin nurturing the best suited COI relationships to generate referrals.

The COI Referral Program will provide a clearly defined streamlined system of calendar items, meeting objectives with guidelines and connection tools. The program is designed to

  • Generate referrals from existing COIs
  • Add new COIs who will generate referrals
  • Improve networking time management
  • Enhance business partner expertise services

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Multigen Family Wealth Program

Connecting with clients to involve heirs is critical in retaining assets and requires multiple communication touches. The engagement process begins with the opportunity to learn more about your client’s current situation, bringing a series of personal touches to learn more about their children and having a better understanding of the parents wish for long-term guidance for their children.

The ideal opportunity is getting to know all members of the family, thus having several “heir” families as new clients instead of possibly losing the single parental client as the estate transfers. {Click here for more info}

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